Niles Nordquist's
Eagle, Idaho
June 5 - 7, 2017
15 Student Maximum

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This workshop is designed for artists interested in learning or expanding their abilities in plein air painting. It features hands-on painting and personal instruction from Niles Nordquist, a nationally recognized, award winning plein air painter. This workshop focuses on plein air (outdoor) oil painting, but the principles and techniques can be easily translated into other painting mediums and studio painting.


Opportunity to paint and get hands-on instructor critiques while you are painting and group critiques of your finished work

Demonstrations each day

Attend evening lectures and demonstrations

Resource references for books, magazines, organizations, websites, other workshops, instruction handouts and reference materials

This workshop precedes and is held in conjunction with the
Eagle Plein Air Festival on June 8, 9, and 10, 2017.

Niles Nordquist is honored as the Awards Juror for the Eagle, Idaho Plein Air Festival June 2017

All registration is made through
Eagle Plein Air Festival 2017